Red Footed Tortoise Care

Tortoise Health: Soft Shell

If your tortoise has a soft shell this can be a very serious problem because if not fixed can lead to death. Tortoises having a soft shell is caused by two main factors: 1) Improper Calcium Intake 2) Improper UVB Lighting



A common cause of a soft shell is an improper diet; more specifically a lack of calcium. This can be fixed easily bytortoise-cuddle-bone buying a cuddle bone which your tortoise will love to chew on and will provide them calcium at the same time. Another option is to sprinkle reptile calcium supplements on their food. Reptile supplements can be easily found at any major pet store with a reptile section.

Another possible problem could be your lighting setup in your tortoise’s enclosure. Make sure you have a UVB light in your tortoise's enclosure because without it your tortoise well have sever shell problems.