Red Footed Tortoise Care

How to Sex a Tortoise/Turtle

The sex of your tortoise/turtle is something all tortoise/turtle owners are curious about, but when
tortoise/turtles are young its almost impossible to sex a tortoise/turtle. So if you have a young tortoise/turtle, wait a few years and check again. Also the sexing process can be different among different species so below I provide some general guidelines on how to sex a tortoise/turtle.

The Shell

Very carefully and gently turn your tortoise/turtle upside down so that the bottom of it’s shell is facing upward. If the bottom of the shell is concave (curves inward) then most likely the sex is male.

If the bottom of the shell is flat, then the tortoise/turtle’s sex is a female.

The Tail

Male tortoise/turtle tails are bigger and longer than female tails.

If you only have one reptile, use pictures online or the ones on this page as a comparison point to know what to expect.

Male Tail
Female Tail