Red Footed Tortoise Care

A Red Footed Tortoise's Diet

The diet of a Red Footed Tortoise consist of three basic components; leafy greens
, a variety of fruits, and supplements. With an accurate and healthy mix of these three components your Red Footed Tortoise will avoid health problems, have their nutritional needs filled, and look great.

Also remember all the foods listed are not required, but you should pick a few and mix them together and see what your Red Footed Tortoise likes.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are Redan absolute essential to your Red Footed Tortoise's diet and should be the majority of the diet. Also make sure that when you are feeding your tortoise fruits, add in some leafy greens. Here are a few basic leafy greens that you should feed your Red Footed Tortoise.


Fruits are also an essential to a Red Footed Tortoise diet due to the nutrients they contain and there ability to enhance the color of your Red Footed Tortoise.

Also remember to only feed fruit to your Red Footed Tortoise about two to three times a week.


To enhance the diet of your Red Footed Tortoise every meal or so should be lightly sprinkled with a calcium/vitamin reptile supplement which can be bought at almost every pet store with a reptile section.

How to Feed?

Red Footed Tortoises are grazers meaning they like to look around for their food and eat it. So I personally just take a handful of whatever I'm feeding my Red Footed Tortoise that day and throw it around his habitat. Once the little guy realizes what I did he comes out and starts looking around and eating.

Foods to Avoid


I always keep a shallow dish of water in my Red Footed Tortoise's habitat. It should be big enough to where the tortoise should be able to step in and soak. My Red Footed Tortoise does this all time and so will yours.

Also remember to replace and clean the dish every so often or when it looks like its out of water.


Red Footed Tortoise's diets are special in the fact that they require more protein than others. Though the required protein is still low, the need should still be filled. It is easy to over do and can lead to serious health issues.

Here is what I recommend and what I do personally: Once every month I feed my Red Footed Tortoise a chopped up boiled egg. There are other options, but this is the easiest and what I personally recommend.

How Often Should you Feed your Tortoise?

Feeding your tortoise the correct amount of times is very important. The answer all depends on your tortoise's age. Find out Here...

A Quick Overview

A quick video I made to give you a summary of a proper diet for your Red Footed Tortoise.