Red Footed Tortoise Care

Red Footed Tortoise: Care, Diet, Housing, and Health

Red Footed Tortoises are cute, curious, and friendly creatures. They make red-footed-tortoiseabsolutely wonderful pets for anyone, but especially families due to their friendly and curious nature. Though Red Footed Tortoises do require a minimum amount of care to stay healthy and that's where this website comes in. is dedicated to providing simple and accurate information about the care of 

Red Footed Tortoises. Here on the site we cover how to properly feed, care, and much more for your Red Footed Tortoise.  And personally I own Red Footed Tortoises myself so all the information on the website is 100% accurate from personal experience. Plus I want the very best for you and your new tortoise. 

General Red Footed Tortoise Care

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Recommended Tortoise Supplies

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Red Footed Tortoise Supplies Checklist

For first time owners of

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Red Footed Tortoises it can be hard to know what you need to ensure that your Red Footed Tortoise is living a healthy and happy life. So to make it easy for you I have compiled a simple checklist of things your Red Footed Tortoise is going to need.  
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Tortoise Breeding

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Tortoise/Turtle Names

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Basic Red Footed Tortoise Information

Red Footed Tortoises otherwise know as Red Foots or Red Legs can live up to 50 years making it possible for them to out live their owners. Red Footed Tortoises also can grow to be around 13 inches; almost the size of a dinner plate. And also can possibly reach a weight of 30 pounds!